About Us

Our purpose at Covid19werks.com is match people with product or services to combat the coronavirus. There are a world of solutions but not a single place to connect people with those solutions until now. Whether you are an individual, private business, hospital, or government agency, we will be able to help each other from this site.

If you're an individual you can search for the services needed in your city. By searching Covid19werks.com you instantly know what companies have the material or service you need. We will help you find what you need. If your location search result does not provide you with a business match, you can quickly create a member profile with “categories of services” you desire. When a business joins the Covid19werks.com platform in your area, you will be notified. View notification and track you matches on your member profile.

If you run a business which can provide COVID-19 / coronavirus related services, products or are a manufacturer we would like you to register your company now!