COVID19WERKS.COM - News Release 5/13/20

In an effort to help stop the spread of coronavirus, a local telecommunications equipment firm announced the launch of a web site designed to match people and companies with products and services. offers a free platform for interested parties and companies to connect online in search of products and services.

“Whether you are an individual, private business, hospital or government agency, they will be able to help each other find solutions from this site,” said Ali Sar Jr., Covid19werks founder and CEO of 123eWireless, an Orange County-based manufacturer of telecommunications products.

“By searching one instantly knows what companies in the vicinity have the desired product or service,” Sar said, adding, “By searching the site you know what companies closest to you have the products or services you need.”

The process is very simple. Companies or individuals with Covid19 products and services register at and it is free of charge. Prospective customers do not need to register.

Sar said he saw the need arise for a sourcing platform when companies found it difficult to find resources to protect their employees and employees’ families.

“The idea of connecting people and companies emerged we as an essential business found out how difficult it was to find basic cleaning products and services to keep our teams safe,” he said. Orange County, CA. Contact: